Backyard pools provide a unique ambiance, increase property values, and provide safe fun for the whole family. As the demand for home pools has skyrocketed over the last year, pool plasterers have struggled to keep up and still maintain the highest quality. If you’re a pool plaster contractor looking for ways to increase production and efficiency, follow these simple steps.

Lower the Water-Cement Ratio

According to the American Concrete Institute and the Portland Cement Association, the ideal water-cement ratio for pool plaster is less than .5. Adding extra water leads to challenges when applying the plaster to vertical surfaces. Higher amounts of water in plaster also increases the risk of shrinkage, permeability, and movement as the plaster dries. When you need more workable plaster but don’t want to add more water, use Fritz-Pak’s Plaster Supreme.

Use Better Troweling Techniques

Troweling pool plaster requires a delicate balance. If you overwork the plaster, it can lead to cracks or shrinkage, but not enough troweling, and the finish won’t be smooth enough. As a plasterer, you also want to make sure the plaster isn’t too dry when you trowel, as this creates discoloration and shrinkage. Apply water to the surface of the plaster to aid in the troweling process is never recommended because it creates inconsistent evaporation in the plaster and causes cracking. Using a delayed set admixture, such as Fritz-Pak’s Plaster Delay, eliminates the need to rewet the plaster for troweling.

Don’t Use Calcium Chloride

According to the Portland Cement Associate, calcium chloride accelerators should be used when caution when plastering with white plaster and should not be used at all when working with colored plaster. This mineral causes discoloration, increases the risk of shrinkage as well mottling. If you need to increase the speed at which your plaster sets up, be sure to use a non-chloride accelerator, such as Fritz-Pak’s Plaster Fast Set.

Use Fritz-Pak Plaster Admixtures

Fritz-Pak’s line of Plaster Admixtures is specially formulated to help you make high-quality, durable pool plaster and increase the efficiency of your pool build. These powdered admixtures come packaged in a water-soluble bag that is easily mixed into your plaster. Request your sample today to see how much better your plastering experience can be.