Designing a mix for a concrete curb presents a variety of unique challenges, and each one seems to be a little different than the next. Curb mixes placed in a form require one mix, and curb mixes placed through a slip-form machine need a different mix design. Regardless of the type of curbing mix you need, Fritz-Pak has the concrete curbing additives you need to produce a beautiful curb finish.

Viscosity Modifying Agents – Maintain the Slump

If you’re placing a concrete curb through a curbing machine, maintaining the correct slump in the concrete mix is very important. If the concrete is too loose, it won’t hold the shape, and the curb will just fall before it sets up. However, if the mix is too dry, it may crack during curing. Using a viscosity modifying agent, such as Super Slump Buster, is the easiest, most cost-effective way to ensure the concrete has the right consistency for a curbing application. Not only does this powerful admixture help maintain the concrete slump, but it also lowers the risk of segregation to further enhance the aesthetic of the curb.

Air Entrainers – Reduce Freeze Damage

Exterior concrete curbs endure a range of exposure to the elements. For those curbs in colder climates, the main concern is protecting the curb from freeze/thaw damage. Crumbling curbs are not only an eye-sore, but they can also be a tripping hazard for people walking in the area. Fortunately, air entrainers, like Air Plus, can be added to the concrete mix to help reduce the risk of future freeze damage. Air entrainers create evenly dispersed, microscopic bubbles throughout the concrete. These air pockets provide space for water in the mix to expand as it freezes in cold weather.

Finishing Admixtures – Protect the Surface

While curbs in warmer climates don’t really experience freeze damage, the weather can still be a detriment to the concrete. If the weather is hot and dry on the day the curb is placed, the surface layer of the concrete can dry out before the rest of the mix starts to set up. This results in crusting and crazing, which makes for an unappealing curb. To mitigate this problem, you can apply a finishing admixture, like Control Finish. Finishing Admixtures help maintain the moisture on the surface of the concrete to prevent excessive drying and reduce cracking.

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