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Category: Set Retarders


Surface retarder. Apply to freshly placed concrete wherever decorative, textured or non-skid surfaces are needed, such as roadways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks.


  • Expo-Rock gives a clean, professional, even look to exposed aggregate finishes. The concentrated retarder keeps mortar from sticking to the aggregate. It allows even removal of mortar from the slab surface.
  • Packaged in water soluble bags. Just prepare what you need. Material in a dry form does not need to be protected from freezing.
  • Easily mixed with water in the field. Only 5-10 minutes of mixing are required. For large jobs the solution can be prepared the day before. One bag prepares one gallon of solution, eliminating the need to store and carry heavy drums of product.
  • Contains a tracer dye for easy and even spraying. The dye provides a yellow-green color for easy identification. The dye will decompose in sunlight after drying, so there is no problem with overspray or staining of forms, equipment or clothing.
  • No fumes, VOCs or smell. Since it is prepared with water, there are no unpleasant or noxious smells. It can be safely applied in areas with low ventilation.
  • Formulated with thickeners for easier spraying, less misting and less dripping. The thickeners eliminate the accumulation of material in low spots that gives uneven results. The spray pattern is also better, since it reduces fine mist blowing in windy conditions.
  • Expo Rock is non-toxic and biodegradable. It does not contain harmful biocides, or require special storage. Safe for applicators.
  • Reduces storage space. Since packaged Expo-Rock is concentrated and does not contain water, it reduces storage space and can easily be transported to jobsites.


Item #98419: 1-lb (454-g) bags 40 bags per case 35 cases per pallet

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