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This product meets the following specifications:
  • ASTM C-494 Type F
  • AASHTO M-194
  • CRD C-87

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Supercizer 6 FAQ

Category: Superplasticizers

Q. Will it affect the color of concrete?

A. Yes. Supercizer 6 is red in color. When added to concrete in medium to high dosages it will make it slightly lighter in color. If color is an issue, we recommend testing.

Q. Will it change the set time?

A. No, it will not speed or slow the set.

Q. Will Supercizer 6 affect the air content of my concrete?

A. No, at the recommended dosage rate, no change in entrained air content should occur.

Q. Will it change my concrete strength?

A. If you use less water when adding Supercizer 6, your concrete will be stronger. If your water content is not changed, strength is not changed.

Q. What are the best applications for Supercizer 6?

A. Supercizer 6 is a superplasticizer with no set retardation and also very high early strength gain. For applications where high strengths are required in less than 18 hours, no other product matches the performance of Supercizer 6.

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