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This product meets the following specifications:
  • ASTM C-494 TYPE D
  • AASHTO M-194
  • CRD C-87

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Standard Delayed Set FAQ

Category: Set Retarders

Q. Will Standard Delayed Set affect my color?

A. No, it will not affect color of gray concrete. If using white concrete, use Fritz-Pak Plaster Delay Set.

Q. Can I re-dose?

A. Yes. If the initial concrete set has not started, you may re-dose up to three times.

Q. What happens if I overdose the concrete?

A. Set time will be longer, but set will still occur.

Q. Will it change the strength of my concrete?

A. No.

Q. Will it react with other admixtures?

A. No, Standard Delayed Set is compatible with most other admixtures.

Q. Is it possible to mix for shorter times?

A. No. Standard Delayed Set must be distributed evenly throughout the concrete. Short mixing times or mixing at slow speed may produce concrete with brown spots.

Q. The concrete already has a retarder in it; will Standard Delayed Set still work?

A. Yes. It is compatible with other admixtures.

Q. If the concrete has started to set, can I use Standard Delayed Set to stop and reverse the setting?

A. No. Standard Delayed Set is used to delay the initial set. If setting has begun, Standard Delayed Set will not work.

Q. How do I know when setting is starting to happen?

A. If you notice an increase in concrete temperature or a reduction in slump, concrete has started to set and Standard Delayed Set may not be able to stop the setting process.

Q. What is the difference between Mini and Standard Delayed Set?

A. The chemical used is exactly the same. The only difference is the size of the bag. Mini Delayed Set is an 8 oz. (½ lb) bag, while Standard Delayed Set is a 2 lb bag.

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