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Slick-Pak FAQ

Category: Pump Primers and Pumping Aids

Q. How does Slick-Pak work?

A. It contains water thickeners and lubricating agents. As it goes through the pipes and hoses it leaves a coat of water and lubricating agents and effectively wets all surfaces. As concrete comes behind the Slick-Pak it does not lose water and the lubrication allows it to slip through the pipe.

Q. What is the difference between Slick-Pak and Slick-Pak II?

A. Both products have water thickeners and lubricating agents. Slick-Pak has a higher proportion of lubricating agents, thus it is better used as a pump primer. Slick-Pak II has a higher proportion of thickeners, so is better suited as a pump aid, and is also an excellent pump primer.

Q. Does Slick-Pak have fluid loss properties?

A. Yes. The thickeners used in Slick-Pak work as fluid loss additives in the concrete.

Q. If I have a long run of hose or pipe, should I increase the Slick-Pak concentration to make it more effective?

A. No. A too-high concentration may thicken the concrete excessively and produce a plug in the line. It is better to increase the volume of Slick-Pak used to insure complete coverage and wetting of the line.

Q. What is the best way to prime horizontal lines?

A. Slick-Pak will tend to run on the lower part of the line, so we recommend using a rubber ball in front of the priming solution to avoid only wetting the bottom of the line.

Q. Why do I get plugs when priming for concrete containing superplasticizers?

A. Slick-Pak requires water to hydrate. When Slick-Pak is made with too little water it will absorb water from the concrete in order to hydrate. Concrete with superplasticizers tends to have a low water content, so if the Slick-Pak absorbs any water from the plasticized concrete, it will have a tendency to plug. For priming concrete with superplasticizers, we recommend increasing the amount of water used to prepare the priming solution.

Q. If I do not have a bucket available, can I prepare the priming solution in the hopper?

A. Yes. Most operators do it that way. Be sure that the bag dissolves completely by directing the water stream over it.

Q. How long in advance do I need to prepare my priming solution?

A. You need at least 5-10 minutes for the product to dissolve. Once it dissolves, it will stay stable for several hours. So you can prepare your priming solution way before the concrete arrives.

Q. Will Slick-Pak build-up in the pipes and hoses of the pump?

A. No.

Q. Can Slick-Pak be added directly into the Ready Mix truck?

A. Yes. It will make the concrete more pumpable.

Q. Does Slick-Pak contain bentonite clay?

A. No. Neither bentonite nor any other type of clay.

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