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Rescue-Pak FAQ

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Q. How do I buy replacement bags?

A. All the admixtures are available in case quantities. Call you local Fritz-Pak distributor.

Q. What is the Rescue-Pak designed for?

A. Rescue-Pak is designed for on-the-jobsite corrections. It has proven to effectively solve unexpected concrete problems.

Q. What type of products are in the Rescue-Pak?

A. Air-Entrainer, Set Retarder, Superplastizer, Pump Primer/Pump Aid, and Slump Reducer. Consult the technical bulletins to review individual products.

Q. What kind of shelf life can I expect?

A. If stored in a dry place, it should be good for two or more years. If the powder is still flowable (not hard), the product is good.

Q Can the Rescue-Pak be customized to fit my company's need?

A. Yes, contact your local Fritz-Pak distributor.

Q. What is the cost of Rescue-Pak?

A. Can you afford a lost or rejected load?

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