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Plaster Fast-Set FAQ

Category: Pool Plaster Products

Q. How will Plaster Fast-Set affect my plaster?

A. It will speed up the set time of plaster.

Q. What advantages does using a plaster set accelerator have?

A. Since Plaster Fast-Set accelerates the set of plaster, it will give you better results at low temperature. It saves you time when you want to finish early, because of weather or scheduling issues, or to increase productivity.

Q. Does Plaster Fast-Set contain any calcium chlorides?

A. No.

Q. Will Plaster Fast-Set affect the color of the plaster?

A. No. Plaster Fast Set is white in color, and it will not harm integral colors in plaster.

Q. What is the recommended dosage rate of Plaster Fast-Set?

A. A 5-lb bag should be added to 1000 lbs of plaster.

Q. Can I increase the dosage of Plaster Fast-Set?

A. Yes. Up to three 5-lb bags per 1000 lbs of plaster may be used. Additional bags will not significantly reduce the set time.

Q. What is the difference between Fritz-Pak NCA and Plaster Fast-Set?

A. None. The only difference is the packaging. The packaging of NCA has instructions for use in ready mix concrete, while Plaster Fast-Set has instructions for use in pool plaster.

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