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Plaster Delay-Set FAQ

Category: Pool Plaster Products

Q. How will Plaster Delay-Set affect my plaster?

A. Plaster Delay-Set will slow down the set of plaster.

Q. What advantages are there for using a plaster set retarder?

A. Since Plaster Delay-Set slows down the set of plaster, it will give you better results at high temperatures because it gives you extra time to place and fi nish the plaster. It is also very convenient when you have a small crew, a hot shell, or a complex pool design.

Q. Can Plaster Delay-Set be used with regular gray portland cement?

A. Yes. It is equally effective in white or gray cement.

Q. What is the recommended dosage for Plaster Delay-Set?

A. One 10-oz. bag for every 1000 lbs of plaster mix. This assumes a 60% sand/aggregate and 40% cement mix.

Q. Does Plaster Delayed Set affect the durability of plaster?

A. No.

Q. Can Plaster Delay-Set be redosed?

A. Yes, as long as the plaster has not started to set.

Q. Will Plaster Delay-Set discolor the concrete or plaster?

A. No, Plaster Delay-Set is white in color, and will not cause problems with integral colors in the mix.

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