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ICF Contractor FAQ

Q. What happens to the water-soluble bag?

A. The inner bag dissolves within a minute, allowing the contents to disperse into the mix. It is a tiny amount of food-grade material that has no effect on the concrete.

Q. What is the shelf-life of these products?

A. If kept dry, Fritz-Pak products will be good for two years or more. As long as it is still a flowable powder, it is good to use.

Q. Will these products react with other admixtures?

A. No, Fritz-Pak products are compatible with other admixtures.

Q. If I'm using more than one admixture, can I add them at the same time?

A. Different types of admixtures should be dispensed separately into the mix, with at least one minute of high speed mixing in between. Be sure to mix for at least 5 minutes after adding the last one to ensure complete dispersion of all admixtures into the mix.

Q. Where can I get Fritz-Pak products?

A. They can be specified to your ready mix producer, or purchased from a variety of dealers and distributors. Call Fritz-Pak for assistance, or check the Distributors, Retailers & Reps section of this website.

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