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Hydrocizer FAQ

Category: Specialty

Q. What is Hydrocizer?

A. It is a blend of water retention agents and superplasticizers. The water retention agents hold the concrete together and the superplasticizer reduces the amount of water in the mix.

Q. Does the superplasticizer in Hydrocizer change the set time?

A. No. It is a non-retarding superplasticizer.

Q. What standards does Hydrocizer meet?

A. There are no ASTM standards for additivies for underwater concreting, rather there are standards for the concrete used in underwater concreting. Hydrocizer can be used to develop mixes that meet standards and requirements for underwater concreting.

Q. Can Hydrocizer be used in saltwater?

A. Yes. The superplasticizer in Hydrocizer is tolerant of high salt concentrations.

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