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Expo-Rock FAQ

Category: Specialty

Q. What does Expo-Rock do for concrete?

A. It retards the concrete set on the surface of the concrete.

Q. How do I know when to wash off the concrete surface?

A. It is best to do it right after the concrete sets. Time will vary with air temperature. When you think it's ready, start removing a small patch. If aggregates begin to become loose, stop and wait longer.

Q. Will the tracer dye discolor my concrete?

A. No, it will completely disappear after a few hours' exposure to sunlight.

Q. How long can I keep it after I mix it with water?

A. 3-4 days.

Q. Can Expo-Rock be added directly into concrete to slow the set time?

A. No, Expo-Rock is designed for use as a surface retarder only.

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