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Concrete Masonry & Construction Products (2004-2005)

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This product meets the following specifications:
  • ASTM C-260
  • AASHTO M-154
  • CRD C-13

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Control Finish

Category: Specialty

Q. Will Control Finish affect concrete colors?

A. Control Finish has recently been reformulated to avoid using dark colored material. If applied lightly and evenly, there should be no effect on concrete color.

Q. Can Control Finish be used with color hardener?

A. Yes, it is particularly suited to help in the application.

Q. Can Control Finish be reapplied?

A. Yes, you can re-wet as needed as you move through the finishing area.

Q. Will it retard the set of concrete?

A. Not if applied correctly. If excess amounts are sprayed, and accumulate on the surface, some surface retardation may be seen.

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